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System Recommendations and Cost Study

Responsible: CEA
Participating: ZSW, Nedstack, inhouse engineering, ASE


  •  Task 6.1: Impact of advanced cell and stack on BOP for all 3 operating conditions
  • Task 6.2: System recommendations
  • Task 6.3: Cost assessment


Within work package 6 investigations take place to find out the impact(s) of the advanced cell on fuel cell stack and fuel cell system BOP in Task 6.1 based on short stack testing and validation in WP2 and WP3. From impacts then technical system recommendations will be deduced for each system application in Task 6.2.

Furthermore a full cost assessment will be developed in Task 6.3 considering the production costs of standard manufacturing processes and different production rates for the 3 applications:

  • CHP (reformate H2/Air)
  • Large power plant (H2/Air)
  • Smart grid (H2/O2)

In the frame of cost assessment each step of the manufacturing process of a stack will be studied by Activity Based Costing Methodology in order to establish the cost assessment of stack and PEMFC system for the 3 cases of study. Then, in a 2nd cost assessment loop, the production costs of advanced electrode, MEA and stack at the end of the project (after all improvements developed during the project) will be determined with same approach. This approach will allow assessing the Δcost between the beginning and the end of the project and therefore contributing to measure the cost difference with regard to performance progress.