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Advanced Cell Development

Responsible: CEA
Participating: Nedstack, inhouse engineering, ASE


Development and fabrication of reference and X-Y gradient electrode for each of the three industrial partners. That means, the design and ink formulation is different from one design to the other. In addition, the anti-wicking technology and applied gasket-deposit on the MEA is individually developed and applied.

The main topics of this work package can be shortly described by following bullet points:

  • Development and fabrication of reference and gradient MEA
  • Development of the anti-wicking technology
  • Development of gaskets onto the MEAs
  • Formulation of the catalytic inks
  • Design and fabrication of structured MEA


  • Task 4.1: Fabrication of reference MEAs for the 3 applications
  • Task 4.2: Antiwicking and gasket development
  • Task 4.3: Ink formulation and tool definition for electrode processing

Example Anti-Wicking Technology: