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Test and Validation

Responsible: ZSW
Participants: Areva, CEA, inhouse engineering, Nedstack


Investigate the overall behavior and properties of the MEAs developed and manufactured in the WP’s 4 and 5. This means an evaluation of performance and durability of the reference and X-Y gradient MEA, based on agreed partner-specific test protocols. For the in-situ characterization methods current density distribution devices and typical electrochemical techniques are applied. 

The main topics of this work package can be addressed by:

  • Test Plan
  • Reference test parameters
  • Polarization curves
  • Performance and Durability Test
  • In-situ electrochemical measurements
  • Post-mortem analysis


  • Task 3.1: Definition of the overall test protocols for fuel cell characterization
  • Task 3.2: Validation of performance at unitary scale cell
  • Task 3.3: Test on 5-10 cells stack for assessment of anti-wicking and gasket solution
  • Task 3.4: Test on 5-10 cells stack for X-Y gradient electrode MEA
  • Task 3.5: Validation on small stack 5-10 cells under H2/air
  • Task 3.6: Performance test on 5-10 kW-stacks and lifetime/endurance test in operating conditions
  • Task 3.7: Post Mortem Analysis
  • Task 3.8: Analysis of measurements

Example of a durability-test of 4500 calendar-hours in reference operating conditions, including regular stop-times and partly specific stressors like CO in the fuel gas:

Analysis of measurements: Videos Current Density Mapping inhouse & Areva
Analysis of measurements: Videos Current Density Mapping inhouse & Areva